Cabaret Actor Feature: Cliff and Ernst

Q: What is the relationship between your two characters?
Davis: We are friends. Close friends. Buddies!
Andrew: Strictly business.

Q: Andrew, what was your experience like in your first DT show?
It’s been an awesome experience, I’ve had so much fun meeting everyone in the cast. I look forward to trying out for more shows.

Q: What is something you enjoy performing/seeing performed every show?
Davis: My favorite part that I perform is my monologue to Fraulein Schneider near the end of Act 1. I don’t want to spoil anything, but to me, it’s the moment where the whole tone of the show really shifts. And of course, I love watching Two Ladies every night, it’s very funny and the audience reactions are always insane/
Andrew: I love seeing the audience’s reaction when Ernst and I talk at the end of Act 1.

Q: What is one object in the show you heavily relate to?
Davis: I don’t relate to it, but on opening night, I discovered that a few people had written words of encouragement in my passport. It was a really lovely surprise and I’m eternally grateful for it.
Andrew: The suitcase because sometimes it decides to not work and is really difficult to close for no reason.

Q: One fun fact about you!
Andrew: I can dunk a basketball.
Davis: Andrew lied in his fun fact.

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