Who We Are

DramaTech offers a thriving theatrical laboratory environment at Georgia Tech that enriches the greater Atlanta community through innovative and diverse live performances.  Founded in 1947, we are the oldest continually running theatre in Atlanta.

What We Do

As a theatre, we organize productions for public performance. As students with voracious appetites for knowledge of all kinds, we try to learn something in the process. With every show we try to create something that moves, inspires, or at a minimum entertains our audiences. These generally take one of the following forms:

Main Stage Shows

Full length, large scale productions performed in DramaTech’s home, the Dean James E. Dull Theater, located within the Ferst Center for the Arts.

Variety Shows

We partner with arts organizations and students across Georgia Tech to showcase their talents in a two-night blowout in the Dean Dull Theatre.

Studio Shows

While performed in the same space, these are shows that are smaller in scale, but still use some big ideas and technology.

Improv Comedy

At DramaTech, we have our own improvisational comedy troupe called Let’s Try This! They perform regularly throughout every semester. Some of these shows are in DramaTech’s theatre, but many take place in various locations all over campus.

DramaTech Tap Troupe

DramaTech’s newly-added tap troupe will show you the ropes to tap dancing lingo, steps, and routines.

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