DramaTech Tap Troupe Contacts

Eddie Hamilton (he/him)
Thomas Hunt (any pronouns)
Social Media
Ansley Mathis (she/her)
Eddie Hamilton (he/him)
About Eddie:
I am a second year business administration student with a love for music, local exploration, and fun times. On campus, I can be seen in the library, CRC, and Nav Dining, where I am either studying or engaging in all forms of media.

About Thomas:
Hi! I’m a third year Psychology major, and I love to listen to music, watch movies, and meeting new people. When not at DT3 I also do Improv, Acting, and Props work at Dramatech. I also am apart of the Musicians Network, Chess Club, Smash Jackets, and Wrek Radio! I hope to see you soon <3

Just email DramaTechTapTroupe@DramaTech.org with any questions!