G. P. Burdell’s (virtual) variety hour, hosted by DT’s Outreach Committee, is a night of amazing acts submitted by you! We are taking submissions of your performances – whether it be a song, dance, monologue, comedy skit, or anything you can dream of! The theme this year is “Dream Role, Role Reversed,” with the first night being inspired by your dream role – that one character or scene you’ve always wanted to perform. The second night is Role Reversed, so go crazy and get inspired by pieces you never dreamed you’d perform! However, this theme is only a suggestion! This is a place for you to show off you!

Act submissions must be 5 minutes or less, but that is where the restrictions end! You do NOT have to follow the theme, it is there as a jumping-off point if you are trying to come up with an idea. Sing! Dance! Act! Perform! Just please submit it in this form. If your act is selected, the video you submit will be the video shown!

Really want to perform but don’t have an idea where to start? Don’t worry! You can now sign up for a group act and still get to dazzle us without needing to pull your own material!  Just submit your name here to join.

The submission form will close March 8th @ 11:59pm

Acts selected for the show will be notified by March 9th

The shows will be live-streamed March 12th and 13th @ 8pm

Submit your act here!

Become or find an actor for one of our acts.  Sign up here!

Location Dean James E. Dull Theater
349 Ferst Drive
Atlanta GA 30332
March 8, 2021