Crew Calls

The Ride the Cyclone Assistant Call is out now! Fill out this form by February 9th if you are interested. We also still have positions open in marketing! If you are interested, fill out this form by February 12th. 

After filling out the form above, our Production Manager or Marketing Director will contact you with your assigned position for the show. Note that you are guaranteed one of the positions you select, and absolutely no experience is required for any of them! You will have an experienced crewhead/mentor showing you the ropes and walking you through every aspect of your position, so don’t be scared.

In terms of commitment, you will be expected to attend your department’s work parties, which are generally 4 hours long and occur 1-2 times a week. Additionally, you will be expected to attend as many nights of Tech Week (the week prior to opening night) as you can. Don’t be intimidated, though! If you can’t make a day or are only available at certain times, your crewhead will work with you to find an arrangement that works.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected].