DramaTech continues to expand its programming and deepen its commitment to the Georgia Tech community while staying true to its core mission of providing innovative and diverse live performances. Your donation is crucial to our success. Only a small portion of our operating funds come from ticket sales. With your support, we can continue to produce quality work for the campus of Georgia Tech and greater Atlanta.

Please make your donation today and become a season sponsor! Our season starts at the beginning of the fall semester and ends at the end of the following summer semester.


Online:  Tax-deductible donations to DramaTech’s General Fund can be made online via this website.

Personal donations of any amount are greatly appreciated, but for those who donate a little more, we have several different tiers of rewards! Keep in mind that because the donations are being processed through Georgia Tech, you may not receive your rewards immediately. Please give us 4-6 weeks to verify your donation and get your rewards to you. If you have any questions, want to waive any of your rewards, or want to use your complimentary tickets before we have reached out to you, please contact [email protected].