Cabaret Actor Feature: Emcee and Sally

Q: Sum up your character in 3-5 words; what does it mean to you to play such an iconic role?
Ben: wild, uninhibited, prophetic. The Emcee is my dream role, so I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity to portray him. It’s also nerve-wracking because I want my performance to do justice to this incredible character.
Lina: stubborn, idealistic, decisive. Playing such an iconic role is daunting but the most exciting challenge I could take on.

Q: Any number you’re excited to perform every night?
Lina: Don’t Tell Mama: I love sharing the stage with all of my Kit Kat ladies, they are so supportive and wonderful.
Ben: “I Don’t Care Much.” I think it’s a song that everyone needs to hear, and it is central to who the Emcee is.

Q: You’ve done several DramaTech productions together over the years, how has this affected your relationship?
Lina: Ben is my best friend. Every show we take the same picture where I am jumping in his arms. I am going to be so emotional when the show is done because it is his last one at DT and I cant handle it
Ben: Lina was the first true friend I made at Georgia Tech, and I am forever grateful to her for being by my side through the past four years. I haven’t done a DT show without Lina, so I can’t imagine what my experiences at DramaTech would be like without her.

Q: What is one (1) thing in this production of Cabaret that makes it different than any other/why should audiences come see closing weekend?
Lina: This show is so important right now. It is so powerful to reflect on what it means to be involved and aware of your surroundings in a time when people are facing persecution.
Ben: Performing Cabaret during the times we are living in is incredibly potent and striking. I hope the parallels and themes presented in the show will impact audiences the same way they have impacted me, and wake people up to what’s happening around us.