Cabaret Actor Feature: The Kit Kat Girls

Q: What is the best part of being one of the Kit Kat Girls or being in DramaTech’s Cabaret?
Katherine: Honestly, it’s just fun to go out on stage and feel confident and sexy like a Kit Kat would!
Erin: Getting to be a part of something bigger than myself has been so incredible. This show is very thought-provoking, but it’s also just a great time, so getting to experience both the lighthearted fun side and the deeper, darker side to it has been very powerful for me.
Hannah: Definitely the people! Love my girl gang and the rest of the cast more than words.
Marissa: I love having a team of fierce ladies dancing our hearts out every night! Plus being a Kit Kat girl is really fun because while you’re portrayed as a sexy nightclub dancer, there’s also that creepy little something below the surface letting the audience know that you know something they don’t.
Skyler: The dancing is really fun! And just being able to flesh out our characters and make them their own person was super cool.
Audrey: The music is fantastic!! I adore Ebb and Kander, and getting to sing my heart out every night is an absolute joy! Being a Kit Kat girl is so freeing and fun!!

Q: If you could steal a part of another Kit Kat girl’s costume for yourself, what would it be?
Katherine: I love Audrey’s dress! I could see myself wearing it.
Erin: Hannah’s beret. It looks really soft and I love hats.
Hannah: Katherine’s wrap looks super comfy, so I’m definitely stealing that when it gets cold.
Marissa: I absolutely adore anything with flowers, so definitely Katherine’s floral wrap.
Skyler: Marissa’s pants because she’s less exposed.
Audrey: I also would die for Marissa’s pants. They’re awesome.

Q: Favorite song to hear/perform?
Katherine: I love performing Don’t Tell Mama with my girls! Watching Lina sing Maybe This Time is one of my favorite parts of the show.
Erin: I love both Wilkommen and the Finale/Wilkommen Reprise because they are so similar and yet so totally opposite and that really sums up the whole show for me.
Hannah: I go hard backstage to married reprise, not gonna lie.
Marissa: I crack up every time I watch Two Ladies! I love performing Wilkommen because I enjoy seeing the audience’s initial reactions to our personas.
Skyler: Tomorrow Belongs to Me is unfortunately a bop. My favorite song to perform is Two Ladies.
Audrey: As terrible as this sounds, I love tomorrow belongs to me. It’s creepy, but so fun to sing, and from a musical standpoint it really is beautiful. I also love Cabaret – one of my favorites in the overall musical theatre canon.

Q: Favorite memory from rehearsal?
Katherine: I loved watching everyone dance offstage (namely dabs and whips) while we were running songs. I also loved the sitzprobe and getting to hear our amazing orchestra for the first time.
Erin: My favourite memory is definitely the first time we ran the whole show in the black box, because it made all the hard work and late nights so worth it to see everything just come to life in the space.
Hannah: One of my favorite memories was watching the SNL Fosse sketch. It definitely helped me channel my inner kakonk for Don’t Tell Mama.
Marissa: We learned Don’t Tell Mama in roughly three hours, all while watching Fosse SNL sketches for inspiration and scarring the people in line at Panda Express through the window.
Skyler: Scarring all of the people at Panda Express while doing Don’t Tell Mama and Two Ladies.
Audrey: For sure the sitzprobe, but also I enjoyed all the little conversations about our characters relationships to one another. Those were always very interesting, insightful, and funny.

Q: One fun fact about you!
Katherine: I have three citizenships: US, Canada, and France.
Erin: If Georgia Tech doesn’t work out, my backup plan is to be a trapeze artist with a circus.
Hannah: I got to work on Spider-Man: Homecoming and Tom Holland asked me for a pen and I died.
Marissa: One time I tried to approach Ludacris at a mini-golf place. I called him “Mr. Ludacris” and he legitimately ran from me.
Skyler: I still miss One Direction.
Audrey: I accidentally swallowed a dandelion once.

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