Cabaret Actor Feature: Fraulein Schneider, Herr Schultz, Fraulein Kost

Q: Fraulein Schneider’s establishment seems to be home to a lot of interesting events and personalities. Describe how your character fits into the narrative/what they’re like in a few words!
Hannah: Schneider is very independent and fierce for her age; she is used to fending for herself, and her strong will makes her a really dynamic character. But she also has a sweet side to her that Herr Schultz coaxes out of her throughout the show- like everyone, she wants to be wanted, and her inner conflict between her fierce ambition and her desire to be loved allows her to grow and develop onstage. She is kind, but don’t be fooled; she is not to be messed with!
Craig: Herr Schultz is a resident in Fraulein Schneider’s boarding house who constantly vies for the affection of Schneider. Schultz is an idealist and a people pleaser; he loves to make people happy! He mostly goes about this by selling fruit and sharing his love of drinks with others.
Soso: Fraulein Kost lives in Schneider’s establishment and is constantly at odds with Schneider. Kost is known to host and entertain numerous sailors in her room, a means of survival Fraulein Schneider does not approve of. Kost is bold, sexual and unrelenting. Her constant search for power and increased status drives her up the social ladder; she’s the ultimate go-getter.

Q: Favorite song to perform/hear in the show?
Craig: My favorite song to perform is “Married”. It’s such a sweet and emotional song that creates a great moment of tenderness between Schneider and Schultz that is not exhibited by other characters in the show.
Soso: I love to hear Don’t tell mama, and I don’t care much. Two different songs, two powerful meanings and each sang by two vocal powerhouses (Lina and Ben). I also really enjoy the song Davis and I perform at the end of Act 1. It is a song that marks a dark and important change in the tone of the musical, and in Germany at that time. It marks a transformation in a lot of characters.
Hannah: My favorite song to perform is definitely “It Couldn’t Please Me More” (although it should be called the pineapple song because that’s what it is), because it’s just so objectively ridiculous; Schultz and I are obsessed with a pineapple someone bought from Kroger for like five dollars, but to us it’s the most incredible rarity we could possibly think of. I get to be obsessed with something simple, and it gives me the chance to really play onstage and develop my character. My favorite song to watch though is “Two Ladies”, because it’s so raunchy that it just catches me off guard every time. It’s sexy, it’s funny- it reminds me of myself!

Q: Where can you be found in a party setting?
Craig: You can find me on the dance floor, for sure.
Soso: Stirring up some drama, and accosting Nazi men for sure.
Hannah: Sleeping on an available couch somewhere because I forgot to go to bed at a reasonable time the night before.

Q: One fun fact!
Craig: I was a Walker on “The Walking Dead” for 2 episodes.
Soso: Ew. Kost doesn’t do fun facts.
Hannah: I didn’t actually put on old age makeup, this is just what GT has done to me in two semesters