Cabaret Actor Feature: The Kit Kat Boys

Q: Describe your character in 3-5 words
Bryce: Stubborn, Condescending, Avaricious
Chris: Slutty, bitchy, dramatic, two-faced, greedy
Kenny: Loving, Naive, Jealous

Q: Favorite aspect of the show?
Bryce: The picardy third in the entracte
Chris: Two Ladies
Kenny: Getting to be under those lights with these amazing people

Q: Song from the show stuck in your head the most?
Bryce: We have some A+ choreography for Cabaret backstage
Chris: Two Ladies otherwise I’d forget how to sing it
Kenny: Money is my fave

Q: What’s different about being in a musical than anything else you’ve done with DramaTech? (LTT!, directing, playwriting, acting in other capacities ie. film/straight plays)
Bryce: I’ve done a lot of things in DramaTech, but the first thing I did was acting in a musical. It’s nice to come full circle four years later. There are so many moving parts in a musical and I love them all.
Chris: I’ve literally only done musicals at Dramatech lol
Kenny: There are actual lines that I have to memorize, as opposed to making them up, but I also still get to make up lines haha.

Q: One (1) fun fact!
Bryce: There is nothing funny about Bryce.
Chris: The tassels are actually just my nipple hairs.
Kenny: I have a twin sister who is the reason I got into theatre.