Cabaret Stage Manager Feature: Lexi Wagner and Grant Butler

Q: Favorite part of the show?
Lexi: Definitely the entr’acte during the intermission. I love seeing the actors and the orchestra interact with the audience.
Grant: When the mic goes down because its great.

Q: Anything from the rehearsal process that was a favorite moment?
Lexi: There were too many funny moments to pick one, so probably running the show in the black box for the first time.
Grant: When I got to start lowering and raising the mic. Truly a life altering experience.

Q: Biggest challenges?
Lexi: Sick actors. That was the big one. Deciding how to work around the night game was also difficult.
Grant: Keeping the mic from hitting the floor

Q: One night only, one hour, single spotlight. What is your cabaret act?
Lexi: I would probably ask for a volunteer to join me on stage, and once they walked up I would run off the stage and let them take it from there.
Grant: Lowering the mic and raising it. So silky smooth. So sensual. So satisfying. So sublime. So Cabaret.