Cabaret Props Designer Feature: Katie Zong and Jamison Orvis

Q: What was your process for designing the props for the show?
A: To be completely honest, I mostly just went with anything that looked about right for the time period that I could find in storage. And fruit. So much fruit.

Q: Any challenges in executing your designs for props?
A: Our props inventory is pretty limited when it comes to period-accurate items, so it was a bit challenging to find things (especially the suitcases) that didn’t look too out of place considering Cabaret is set in 1930s Berlin. Also in the egg scene, I had to make a false bottom in the mug so Sally wouldn’t actually, you know, drink a raw egg.

Q: Will there be toasters?
A: Do you even need to ask?

Q: Favorite prop in the show OR favorite fruit?
A: It’s not even an actual prop in the show, but it’s probably the shadow pineapple prop lol.

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