Dramatech Offers Classes!

DramaTech offers classes through the School of Literature, Media and Culture.

LCC 2813 – This class teaches students how to integrate technology into a live theatrical event through a combination of directed reading and applied work on a Ferst Center event.

For the course, student will work with Office of the Arts artist Mark Gindick on his show Wingman. Wingman is a show about clowning in the modern age and integrates social media and other forms of technology into the performance. Mr. Gindick would like to streamline the technology in the show. The structure of the class would be to discuss the iterative process of theatre and the inclusion of technology in performance. Students will work individually to devise solutions for the technical challenges of the piece. The instructor and Mr. Gindick will select four projects to continue on to the team phase which has the goal of having a working model in place by the end of the semester. The working model will be included in a workshop production of Wingman as part of the Ferst Center Presents season in the Spring semester. For more about Wingman, visit http://vimeo.com/85880123.

Also check out our one credit hour courses in set construction, lighting, sound, costumes, marketing and acting! For more information, visit www.dramatech.org/classes.

For more information or to get a permit, please email Artistic Director Melissa Foulger at [email protected].