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DramaTech and Let's Try This! present "Evolve"

"Evolve" opens on Thursday, September 25th, and will be performed for the next two weeks! Yowzah!

Come on out and let Let's Try This! and the talented singer-dancers of DramaTech dazzle you with improvisational comedy and, well, singing and dancing!

To make your reservation, click the reservation tab at the top of the page! We promise you'll have a wonderful time!

Evolve Cast List

The cast for VT/LTT! - Evolve is as follows:

Alexa Carleo

Joshua Redding

Marcelles Lowery

Diana Winecoff

Danielle Winecoff

Carter Johns

Tierra Ferra

Tyler Mender

Caroline Geckler

Dawson Wilson

Anna Bass

Erin McCulley

Amy Foertsha

Miranda Fyfe

Priyanka Deo

Fall One Acts Casts

Auditions were held and we had a wonderful turnout! Over the past two days, we had 34 people come to audition for the two shows, which was nearly triple the total cast size. Without further ado, the casts for the shows are as follows:

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

Narrator 1, Enchantress - Kat Hueber

Narrator 2, Devil 1, Prince 1, Hansel, Dwarf 2, God - Ben Hirsch

Girl, Gretel, Snow White - Luke Schussler

Actor, Dwarf 1, Doctor - Brent Cornelius

Rapunzel, Witch 1, Witch 2, Grandmama, Cinderella - Megan Tappan

Dirt Merchant, Rumpelstiltskin, Prince 2, Devil 2 - Connor Kisling

The Boy Whose Eye Wandered

The Girl - Caleigh Derreberry

The Boy - Connor Greene

The Witch - Alex Pennington

The Young Buck - William Penniman

The Old Crow - Gabrielle Roty

The Field Mouse - Victoria Jackson

We would like to thank everyone who auditioned for the shows. We had a lot of very talented people show up that made the decision quite a challenge.

Keep in mind that there are other acting opportunities in the near future, including: "Cartoon" in the Spring, "Sweeney Todd" in the Spring, and every week as a part of Let's Try This!, our comedy improv troupe. For more information about improv acting opportunities, email

In addition to acting opportunities, there are a variety of tech positions that are open for both VT/LTT! and the One Acts, including positions in costumes, lights, set, sound, and more. Email for more details.

New Fall MAL

Congratulations to Miranda Fyfe, DramaTech's Fall 2014 MAL!

who we are

DramaTech is the student run theater at Georgia Tech. Our goal is to further the presence of performing arts on campus, as well as in the surrounding city of Atlanta. We are the oldest continuously running theater in Atlanta—having been around since 1947.

Trying to get to DramaTech? We've got directions available from most parts of the metropolitan Atlanta area.

what we do

As a theater we organize productions for public performance. As students with voracious appetites for knowledge of all kinds we try to learn something in the process. With every show we try to create something that moves, inspires, or at a minimum entertains our audiences. These generally take one of the following forms:

Main Stage Shows
Full length plays generally performed in the Dean James E. Dull Theater in DramaTech's building.
Improv Comedy
At DramaTech we have our own improvisational comedy troupe called Let's Try This! They perform regularly throughout every semester. Some of these shows are in DramaTech's theater, but many take place in various locations all over campus.
Variety Shows
Variety Tech is DramaTech's musical theatre ensemble, performing various song, skit, and dance routines.
Studio Shows
Generally one-act plays, these are student directed shows performed on a shoestring budget with a limited amount of technical assistance.

More information about what DramaTech is, what we do, how to contact us, and generally more about all of the above can be found in the about section of this site.

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