Georgia Tech Affiliates

Campus Departments

Campus Departments may present events of all kinds in DramaTech’s Dull Theatre. All departments are eligible for a reduced fee for rental, but must pay all costs associated with using DramaTech, including but not limited to required labor, equipment, janitorial, set-up, etc.  Important Note: DramaTech staff or technicians must be present when the theatre’s technical systems are used. No exceptions. Please email the Artistic Director to check the availability of your date.

Student Organizations

Georgia Tech student organizations are welcome to present events in DramaTech’s Dull Theatre. The student organization must be the presenter of the event and must be listed as such on all marketing materials. Student organizations cannot permit off-campus organizations to use DramaTech by requesting usage through the student organization, and cannot be reimbursed for expenses by an outside entity.

Student organizations must provide a campus organizational representative that will be present at all pre-production meetings and at all times when using the facility, whether at rehearsal, performances or related events. The student organization’s faculty advisor and Student Organization Advisor must sign the Permit Agreement. Please email the Artistic Director to check the availability of your date.