Let’s Try This! presents Campaignprov

The once a semester LTT! standalone show is coming up is this Saturday! The main feature of the night is Campaignprov directed by Grant Butler. Join improvisers Ashley, Ian, Karan, Ma Sofia, Max, Tyndal, Will, and Zach as they compete to win an absurd election based off of your audience suggestion. There will be a 20 minute opener directed by Kenny Crane-Moscowitz called Improv Party Pack 2. It will feature a number of sort form improv games based off of the popular video game.


Georgia Tech Improv Festival 2019

February 1 and 2, 2019 at 8pm

The Georgia Tech Improv Festival is two day a celebration of improv in the Atlanta area hosted by Georgia Tech’s improv troupe, Let’s Try This! You’ll have the chance to see a variety of troupes perform each night. If you join us on Feb. 1st you’ll catch some great college troupes including KISS, the armed farces, and Oglethorpe. If you join us on Feb. 2nd you’ll be able to see professional teams from Atlanta theaters including Marcia Marcia Marcia, Dad’s Garage, Highwire, and Tipping Point.

Buy tickets online ahead of time to guarantee your seat!

Due to the Super Bowl and other events on campus, the only parking available is in Visitor Lot 4 for a flat $5 fee.

LTT! presents Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Come join LTT! for a night of improv antics with our show Hear Ye Hear Ye, with the opener The End of Improv

The End of Improv: You know what everyone loves? Spoilers, obviously. So we’ve decided to start our story as the best part- the ending!

Hear ye hear ye!! In a desperate attempt to save his job from social media, the town crier has begun publicly declaring everyone’s darkest secrets to anyone who’ll listen. Ever wonder what that weird thing your roommate, neighbor, or friendly hobo do when you aren’t watching? Well you may not find out the truth from the town crier but you’ll hear something alright.


2018 Georgia Tech Improv Festival

The Georgia Tech Improv Festival
On January 19th and 20th some of the top professional and college Improv Troupes in Atlanta will perform on the same stage! Members of The Village Theater, Dark Side of the Room, KISS from KSU, Improv Athens from UGA and many others will be joining Let’s Try This! and Dramatech Theatre for two nights of fantastic improv. Tickets are only $5 so make sure to join us for some amazing shows by some amazing troupes.

Oglethorpe’s mOUthing off
UGA’s Improv Athens
GT’s Let’s Try This!
Improv Jam

The Village Theater’s Don’t Let Go
Not Related
Dark Side of the Room
Let’s Try This!
Improv Jam