GTIF 2020

Come watch college and local troupes from the Atlanta area, and attend workshops from some of Atlanta’s finest improvisers!

All ages and experience levels are welcome to come to shows and attend workshops; price of admission for shows is $7 for GT students and $10 regular admission. Workshops are totally free!

Schedule of Events
Friday, March 6
8:00 pm: College Troupe Show! Come see colleges from around Atlanta showcase their wicked skills for your entertainment.

Saturday, March 7
11:00 am – 1:00 pm: LTT! directed workshop, all welcome!
2:00 pm – 6:30 pm: Workshops by guest directors from the Atlanta area including Amanda Roundtree!
8:00 pm: Atlanta Troupe Show, come see indie and house teams from around Atlanta be funny!
12:00 am: MIDNIGHT JAM! Anyone interested in playing is welcome!

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Let’s Try This! Standalone 2/29

Get ready for a night of incredible improv on a leap day (it only comes around once every four years)! Don’t miss your chance to see LTT! perform in the standalone show!  Tickets are only $5!

First the opener: Chaos Theory 101 directed by the amazing Megan Huber (and casted by the fantastic Karan Khosla)! Cast: Bryn Merrell, Jake Anderson, Travis Adams, Austin Hughes, and Hope Kutsche

Then, the show, Between Dimensions, directed by the incredible Ma Sofia Sosa and Karan Khosla.
Cast: Jacob Gasque, Anna Daugherty, Ethan Boone, Brighton Ancelin, Kenny Crane-Moscowitz, and Ian Haessler

LTT! Presents Jimprov and Sockprov

Saturday, October 19 at 8pm

directed by Parker Davenport and Julia McElheron 
featuring Autumn Siebold 
Sam Rapoport 
Sylvia Li 
Ashley Alred 

directed by Davis Wiliiams 
featuring Travis Adams 
Megan Huber 
Skyler Tordoya 
Daniel Keehn 
Grant Butler 


LTT! and DramaTech Tap Troupe

September 27, 2019 at 8pm

Join Let’s Try This! and DramaTech Tap Troupe for an evening of dance and improv!


A TRACER directed by Kenny Crane-Moscowitz
featuring Sylvia Li, Skyler Tordoya, Zack Humphries, Karan Khosla, Julia McElheron

A Macroscene directed by Megan Huber
featuring Travis Adams, Parker Davenport, Hannah Strudwick, Austin Hughes, Tyler Bolo, Jamie Hannukainen, Tyndal Mitchell

Opening act by the DramaTech Tap Troupe