Cabaret Director Feature: Caroline Geckler

Q: What is it like returning to DramaTech?

A: Great to be back, especially since I’m in a new position! I haven’t directed a musical in a few years so it’s nice to have the chance to return to what I love at a theatre that has always supported me.


Q:  What was your involvement here when you were a student?

A: Mostly acting, my DT credits can be found here


Q: Best part of the process so far?

A: Getting to work with a live orchestra every night. It’s the best kind of challenge, and worth it.


Q: Is there anything in the show you’re most excited for audiences to see?

A: The whole thing! Every moment in this show is special, and I don’t want to give anything away


Q: Sum up your production in five words!

A: fearless, rude, unapologetic, striking, genuine

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