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VarietyTech is DramaTech’s musical theater troupe founded to enhance the education and performance opportunities of the theater and its members. We host bi-weekly workshops for students to learn, grow, and hone their skills related to singing, dancing, and acting. They are led by DramaTech members, members of the Georgia Tech arts community, and Atlanta theater professionals.

About VarietyTech

The first VarietyTech show was created in 2001 and has grown to be an institution of DramaTech as an annual, or sometimes even a biannual, show to give DramaTech’s musical theater aficionados a chance to express themselves through song and dance in a semester where there wasn’t a musical production. Since then, VarietyTech has been established as a troupe and holds regular workshops.


At least once a year, VarietyTech joins forces with DramaTech’s Let’s Try This! improv troupe. Together they combine the ingredients of music, improv, and toasters for a performance showcase of DramaTech’s two troupes in a spectacular night of singing, dancing, comedy, and fun. Both student written and student directed, it showcases the talents and skills of its multi-talented theater.

How to get involved

The key to VarietyTech is variety and the group is always looking for people who want a chance to create and explore their own artistic abilities. VarietyTech welcomes one and all who are willing to learn to join us for bi-weekly workshops on Tuesdays from 7-9pm and for our Variety Tech/Let’s Try This! show auditions in the fall. No experience is necessary.

Any questions or want more information about how to get involved? Email our troupe leader at or check us out at

Upcoming Workshops

Acting Through the Music - Master class workshop taught by guest instructor Christen Orr
October 23rd 7pm-9pm

Go beyond just the notes and learn how to use the music to your acting advantage. Learn how to use the lyrics as a companion to the music. We’ll work on breaking down the song into its physical components in order for you as an actor to be able to make conscious acting choices and use the song to develop your character. No musical experience is necessary and all are welcome.

Musical Theater Dance - Master class workshop taught by guest instructor Mandy Mitchell
Nov 6th 8pm-10pm

Get ready to move and groove with this fun, energetic dance workshop! Learn some tips and tricks of the trade both when learning choreography in rehearsals and performing it onstage. Then put it to the test with learning a short, fun musical theater dance combination that anyone can do! Some come shake that stress away and get up and dance with us! No previous dance experience is necessary.

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