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On this page you will find information about DramaTech's current major production. Information on past shows is also available.

Our current production is:

DramaTech presents "Evolve"

Evolve, this year's variety show, is about the evolution of art! In this show, you will be taken through a whirlwind of different styles of performing arts including improv, dance, musical theatre and pop music. We will bring you back to the 50's when rock and roll was just forming and then thrust you into modern day pop music as if nothing has changed at all. You will also experience how musical theatre has progressed over the past 60 years, starting at great Broadway classics and ending up in a newly-formed, show stopping number. Be prepared to laugh like crazy as you are slowly emerged deeper into helping Let's Try This!, our resident improv troupe, move through the years and make performance decisions with only your input! Topping off the show, you will see how dance has evolved from classical ballet to modern styles of dancing. Everything in this show will be evolving, so keep your eyes open! Costumes, lights and even the set will grow as time goes on. To top the night off, we will have a grand exit where both our improvisers and our performers will send you off with one final huzzah. Be prepared for a night of laughing, crying, and tons of fun! Evolve will knock your socks off!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Directed by Neeta Thawani and Ty Autry

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