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minutes for Club Meeting on wed jun 29 2005 at 06:00 pm

Officer Reports:

Artistic Director (Greg Abbott): Not Present

Technical Director (Brad Wells): * Trying to purchase audio-vault * Winch is on schedule

President (Kelly Lefler): * Posted three acting opportunity on the news group: Popeye’s and Marshall Law School, and Homecoming * Females interested in Girl’s night out talk to Kelly * If you are interested in directing for the experiment

Business Manager (Eric Sample): * Turn in receipts * Buzz Card system is in now * Have a second safe

Production Manager: * Red Ryder is opening Friday * Need a stage manager for BBIF * If you are interested in WSS email Martha * Email Martha to get into the buzz card system

Marketing Director (James Lentini): * Received an email from Technique, coming tonight to take pictures * Hand out postcards * Posters are coming * Received an email from LCC about putting shows on schedule * If you are interested in helping with FASET talk to James

Secretary (Aubrie Lee): No report

MAL: Not Present

Committee Reports:

VarietyTech: Are rehearsing, just had individual number auditions

LTT!: Just had successful workshops, set to have performances on Fridays after Red Ryder Open House: * Began * If you are interested in helping with open contact Jon Olson * Meeting started July 5th at 6pm

Old Business: None

New Business: None

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