LTT! Parents Weekend Improv

Come join Georgia Tech’s very own improv troupe for a night of laughs in DramaTech theater. All parents and family members welcome.

The Improviser’s Guide to the Galaxy

Don’t panic! Let’s Try This! will improvise an intergalactic adventure in the style of Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This event is BYOT. (bring your own towel)


HOLY SUPERHEROES, BATMAN! Let’s Try This!, Georgia Tech’s improv comedy troupe, will be performing a completely improvised superhero themed show filled with team ups by your favorite DC and Marvel characters to solve a heinous crime made up by you, the audience!

Be sure to come to DramaTech Theatre on Friday, March 17th before 7:45PM. The show will be about an hour long and there will be an intermission.

Georgia Tech Improv Festival

Georgia Tech’s second annual Improv Festival will bring together several of Atlanta’s premiere college and professional improv troupes on one stage for two nights of improv, fun, and hilarity


Do you like laughing? Do you like playing video games? Then we have the show for you! On February 5th, Let’s Try This!, our improv comedy troupe, will be performing an improv show! The show is approximately an hour long with a ten minute intermission. The first part will be filled with audience participation and short form games (akin to those you would see in “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”). The second part will be an improvised show based on an audience suggestion!

Georgia Tech Improv Festival

For one night only, four of the top Improv Troupes in Atlanta will perform on the same stage! Members of Let’s Try This!, The Village Theater, Dad’s Garage Theater Company, and Highwire Comedy Co. will each perform unique sets. Make sure to join us afterwards for a good ol’ fashioned improv jam!